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Now You Can Create Powerful, Engaging Messages

For Internal, External and Online Audiences – from 1 person to 1000+

  • What if you could finally learn how to put together a convincing presentation that gets results?
  • What if there were step-by-step videos and audio conversations with humorous, practical pointers to guide you along the way?
  • What if you could craft your message on the go - on your tablet, computer or cell phone?
  • And what if you could reduce anxiety and increase effectiveness for both planned presentations and those often nerve-wracking “last minute” opportunities to speak?

You can do them all with the new SPEAK TO SUCCEED eCourse.


Start strong by choosing one of six different opening techniques designed to capture and keep your audience’s attention.


Quickly set up a start-to-finish structure and five different formats you can use to arrange your brilliant ideas and valued information, every time.


Learn how to match your speaking objective to what the audience wants so you both win.


Choose from a strategic selection of benefit and pain words to add interest throughout your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does public speaking often cause so much anxiety?

As humans, we are programmed to be a part of a group but not necessarily to stand in front of one. When we find ourselves alone facing others, we can experience the “fight or flight” syndrome. Most of us instinctively want to run away, to disappear. It’s hard work to overcome this internal struggle, stand up, speak and do a great job.

Why are some speakers so much better than others?

It boils down to two elements. The first is they have learned how to put together the right message for the audience, no matter its size or purpose. The second is their commitment to rehearse aloud as long as it takes to project confidence, know-how and passion. No good speakers just reads their message silently over a few times!

What’s the most important word a speaker/leader can use when presenting?

“You.” Remember, even though you may be the expert, the presentation is NOT about you. Successful speakers and leaders make their remarks “you-oriented” and not so much “I” or “We” in their focus.

What can I do to calm my nerves before a presentation or speech?

The day before, give yourself time to recharge your batteries. Go for a run, workout, get a massage, listen to your favorite music, socialize with friends – but not too late! Try to get a good night’s sleep. Consider rubbing lavender, an essential oil, on your wrists. Put all your notes, visuals, props, and handouts in order, packed and ready to go. The day of your message avoid too much caffeine as it will just make you jumpy. Try an herbal tea. Get their early to check out the room, microphone and seating arrangements. Bring an extra copy of your introduction and notes, just in case.

What clothes work best when you’re before a group?

Avoid large patterns, black, white, and bright red. Patterns can be distracting. Black can be intimidating and white and red can be hard to view for long periods of time. Dress a notch or two above the casual level of your audience so you look professional. Natural fibers tend to breathe better than synthetics, keeping you from getting sweaty from possible anxiety. Wear shoes that are comfortable and inconspicuous. Always bring a back-up outfit just in case you spill something!

Meet the expert

Anne B. Freedman

Anne B. Freedman is an internationally-recognized presentation and leadership communication expert, professional speaker, and founder and CEO of Speakout, Inc., based in Miami, Florida. A former journalist who works with leading corporations and executives, she is author of Public Speaking for the Genius and a collection of e-books, videos, and e-courses. Active in numerous business and community organizations, Anne’s mission in life is to help stamp out boring, ineffective speeches and presentations on our planet while giving people the tools they need to prevent these time-wasting, frustrating occurrences.

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